WIEGAND AutoInventory - Automatic inventory management

AutoInventory is the logistical solution for hospitals and nursing homes, developed by Wiegand AG, and offers you optimal ward management with minimum effort. The scale based system continuously determines the consumption, the demand and automatically orders the right quantity of the right article at the right time. In addition to current consumption, the system also takes order days, weekends and public holidays into account and can be adapted to times with increased or reduced demand - so you always get exactly what you need. The maintenance simply removes the material, our system takes care of the logistics.
AutoInventory can be installed in your existing storage shelves and module cabinets without the need for costly adjustments.
You can extend AutoInventory with the smartphone based and intelligent Kanban order app.

With the SmartLogistics Suite, Wiegand AG offers products that cover the entire logistics cycle. SmartLogistics products can be easily integrated into your system landscape.
Once set up, the system runs fully automatically! No scanning and no counting. 365 days a year. This saves you work and costs.
  • Efficient implementation
    The implementation phase is kept short through well thought-out and well coordinated preparation.
  • Short ways
    Our employees are available on site and at any time during the implementation.
  • High product and process understanding
    Because you are involved in all processes right from the start, AutoInventory is intuitive to use. Our competent employees will accompany you during the first steps and beyond.
  • High quality
    Once the implementation has started, you can quickly rely on the flawless functioning of the system. The high quality that has distinguished Wiegand products and solutions for over 40 years stands for this.
  • Maximum benefit
    AutoInventory saves your nursing staff time and effort because they can be relieved of almost 100% of the work involved in warehouse logistics. You save valuable resources and reduce your costs by up to 50%.
  • Transparent
    You always have a direct overview of stock and consumption on each department
  • Reduction of the stock quantity by 60%

Project Process
AutoInventory is quick and easy to install. As part of a short and simple implementation project, the software is integrated into your system landscape using interfaces.
With us, you receive all project services from a single source. From planning and implementation to support, we are always there for you.

Our automatic ordering system can be individually adapted to the situation in your hospital or home, so that AutoInventory brings you the optimum benefit. We plan with you the setup of the wards, the interfaces to your third-party systems and support you in the optimal organization - in short: We offer you the support you need.

Planning is followed by action: We implement the project together with you. Our employees will coordinate this step well with you and always have an open ear for your wishes and suggestions, so that a smooth process is ensured.

Our specialists set up AutoInventory on site and set up the system together with you. Installation is easy and intuitive to learn. So you can take over the further installation yourself and have full cost control. And not only that: you also have the necessary know-how about the ordering system automatically in-house.

Wiegand not only offers you intelligent products and trend-setting solutions, but also a lot of support and services. As a certified partner of Wiegand, our employees are, of course, well trained in this system and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Slim, adaptable interfaces
As part of the implementation project, AutoInventory will be integrated into your system landscape. With AutoInventory you don't have to be afraid of interfaces. The required interfaces are lean and can be implemented in any technology. We take over the conception and coordination. The result is a stable, integrated overall system.  

Simple integration in just a few days
Integration projects with a normal scope can be implemented at AutoInventory within a week - with all tests and complete commissioning. During implementation, all necessary interfaces are developed and adapted to your requirements.  

Article master
By default, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the leading system in the area of master data. AutoInventory retrieves the article master or sends it to the system. It only requires a small amount of data from your ERP - such as the article number, the article description and information on order units and quantities. Specific information for AutoInventory, such as the weight of the individual items, can be stored directly in the system and does not affect your ERP system.  

Purchase requisitions
AutoInventory automatically sends the orders to your ERP. It only transmits the information that the merchandise management system actually needs: Which material, in which quantity and in which unit, should reach which location? Thus, all processes are ready for use within the shortest possible time. In the course of the project, additional information can be added or existing information can be changed - so that logistics always remains in line with the changing requirements in your hospital or home. You always get the right material in the right place at the right time.


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