BlistAssist - Card blistering easy made

Card blistering easy made
An innovative assistant that ensures accuracy, traceability and safety in the manual process of pharmaceutical packaging.

Designed to support all security and traceability standards for PAV and to ensure that all the needs of modern pharmacy operations are met in a highly efficient manner.
A solution based on revolutionary software to ensure manual processing and verification of medical blister cards throughout.

Blister cards provide an easy way to help patients take their medication at the right time and in the right way. Helping patients with an easy-to-use, monitored dispensing system adds value to customer retention.
BlistAssist is equipped with a lightly guided tray that facilitates tedious, time-consuming and labor-intensive manual preparation. Barcode and tablet image controlled processes significantly improve accuracy and reduce potential errors. In addition, BlistAssist offers a unique remote verification feature that frees you from the preparation area and enhances workflow flexibility.


Based on a projection-controlled work surface (tray) to simplify the tedious, time-consuming and personnel-intensive manual work steps and to make them significantly more efficient.
Barcode and medication image based process, which improves accuracy and eliminates potential sources of error.
The underlying software monitors the production process, enabling a seamless and error-free resumption of production even after environmental interruptions.

Unmatched ability to capture and track batch identification and shelf life data on manually produced blister cards.
Traceability of employees responsible for production through individual log-in and password data stored in the system.

By using an innovative shift monitoring system, a fast and easy-to-understand content check is created.
In addition to ensuring that no blisters have been overlooked, the system captures and archives photographic final control blisters, which can also be retrieved retrospectively for assurance.
Includes a unique remote monitoring feature that geographically separates the production site from the final responsibility, ensuring greater work efficiency and flexibility.

Single tablet magnification simplifies and accelerates card control by viewing the contents of each blister segment.


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