Photon - Automated medication pouch check

We‘ve added the Photon control unit to our portfolio for large production facilities of tube blisters. It uses full color and near infra-red (NIR) image analyses based on 13 parameters. The Photon works with high volumes in the pouch production process ranging from 2,400 pouches an hour, through 3,600 pouches an hour to up to 5,400 pouches an hour. If the production of pouches increases, the Photon is easily upgraded to a higher capacity without taking up any more space. Two or more Photons can work together and fully integrate into the pharmacy automation setup.

Unparalleled quality. Optimized, cost effective process. Scalable solution.

Multi-spectrum analysis based on shape, size and full color

Photon has unsurpassed color and near infrared image analysis with 13 parameters, ensuring extremely accurate examination of the contents of the bag - an examination you can rely on.

Instant error message with color coding
Photon reports errors by displaying images of the bag with clear color coding in the software application so that no sticky adhesives are needed on the bags themselves. Errors are clearly indicated by a pinpoint display. This very intuitive method ensures that errors are easily detected so that corrections can be made accurately.

False positive rate scientifically analyzed
Photon was developed with very high accuracy. The likelihood of Photon falsely approving a bag was proven in a scientific study to be 1.33 bags per million.

Up to 98% of production is automatically approved
Photon operates at an approval rate of up to 98%, which means that only a fraction of bags need to be visually inspected.

Fully integrated and cost-effective process
From bag manufacturing to shipping, several tools with barcode scanning have been developed to separate and identify errors and to track and trace patient roles. This ensures that patient roles are handled correctly and find the right way to the patient.

Photon consists of an application that allows easy retrieval of pocket pictures in case of complaints, quality statistics reports, production statistics reports and easy handling of the reference database. The ability to monitor all steps allows manual handling to be kept to a minimum and a cost-effective process to be designed.

Fully scalable to meet your production needs
Photon is available in 3 versions which can control 2,400 (Photon 24), 3,600 (Photon 36) and 5,400 bags per hour (Photon 54). The Photon 24 and 36 can be upgraded to Photon 54.

Serial patient string winding at same speed
The XT automatically cuts and wraps the Photon-controlled medicine pouches into patient-specific rolls so that they are ready for distribution. This avoids tedious manual work, saves valuable time and avoids errors. Instead of producing pouch-rolls for different patients, the XT can also be set to produce rolls for each long-term care facility in a specific batch. The XT is the only cutting and winding machine on the market that does not slow down the tester to which it is attached. The combination of a Photon 5,400 and an XT still runs at a capacity of 5,400 pouches per hour.


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