D2500 - Individual and Flexible

Under manufacturing conditions the RBP Bauer D2500 with its two part tool sets (two rolls) is used to recover smaller quantities. Up to 35 manually fed blisters per minute can be emptied efficiently. For blisters with diagonally arranged pockets an additional guide plate is required.

For laboratory, galenicals formulation, hospital pharmacy and nursing home use the machines is equipped with an optional ”adjustable tool kit”. Applications include deblistering of third-party products for clinical studies or the filling of automatic dispensers.

Verwendung für Durchdrückbare Blister
Varianten 1.) Auf offenem Edelstahl-Unterbau
2.) Tischmaschine
Maße (L x B x H) 1.) 560 mm x 500 mm x 1050 mm
2.) 450 mm x 530 mm x 280 mm
Gewicht ca. 1.) 45 kg
2.) 25 kg
Leistung bis zu 35 Blister/min per Handzuführung
Formatbereich (B x L) 150 mm x ohne Begrenzung (auch Blisterendlosband)
Formatsätze ca. 2 kg
Anschlussspannung 110/230 V AC / 50-60 Hz
Formatwechsel ca. 3 min
Bemerkungen GS-Nr. 04120


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