Compact Storage with ModulTubs

The comprehensive market and product knowledge of WIEGAND® gained over many years was of crucial significance in the new development of SwissModul trays. Our engineers focused on optimizing the space available as well as on important issues like hygiene and stock-management. The bases of the SwissModul trays have been extendet, being now up to 10 mm longer and wider than other similar systems.

A wide range of tubs and baskets enables the space saving storage of various supplies. Tubs are suitably very good, in contrast to wire baskets, for the storage of bottles and supplies that must not tip over. Baskets on the other hand have the advantage that they are very robust and the contents are always easy to see.

Modul tubs and baskets come in the ISO standard sizes of 400×600 millimetres for cupboards and 400×450 millimetres for 45cm trolleys.

Storage with KanbanBoxes
A good olution for wards is a system which shows the reorder point of an article, without extra effort for the nursing staff. This can be achieved through the division in two different compartments or boxes for reserve articles and those being used. As soon as the articles in use are finished, the white article card is removed for ordering. The remaining yellow card shows that the order is beeing processed.

Kanban-System with PharmaBoxes
Once the PharmaBox has been filled, the pharmacist labels it with the drug name, the galenic form and the strength. Other information such as ward ID, supply quantity or barcodes can also be added. Both large PharmaBoxes and small once can be neatly stored in SwissModuls.

Consumable goods clearly stored
Flexible divisions of trays and baskets allow a space saving and clear storage of different goods. Labels and Label holders fit everywhere thanks to various sizes and types.  There are individually placeable Dividers for all trays and baskets.

Storage solutions of personal medicines
The flexibly divisible SwissModuls are very convenient for the space saving storage of patients’ individual medicines. Treston containers on shelves need almost twice this  storage space.


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