PROUD - The name stands for high-end quality

PROUD is the latest model from Yuyama.
Yuyama Systems are particularly characterised by their high-quality workmanship and operation. The versatile extras make them one of the best pouch packaging systems for medicines..

PROUD excels above all others in accuracy, quality, safety, and functionality, that encourages efficiency and reliability in your workflow.The Proud offers a compacy foot print with it's multi-carousel design, and has 5 configurations depending on your needs.
Each cassette is equipped with an RFID chip. This chip is used for automatic recognition of the cassette position. In addition to the information required to identify the medicine, the RFID chip also contains additional information in case two or more medicine cassettes contain the same medicine or medicine information. The RFID chip enables safe and secure handling.
Customer-Orineted Function/Pouch Sizes
To provide the user versatility while minimizing waste, a variable roller mechanism is used to create five different packaging sizes. Customers can select the height of the pouches from five options: 60, 70, 76, 80 and 90mm. In addition, you can input a tablet size coefficient in the drug database, enabling Proud to calculate the optimal amount of tablets per pouch, and then distribute the optimal amount into each pouch automatically. The pouch-printing format is configurable for your patient needs.
5 different cassette sizes with RFID function
There are cassettes in the sizes XL, L, M, S and XS. Each cassette has high UV protection and a special brush that does not damage the tablets during distribution. With the RFID method, you can place any cassette on any holder. The system will recognise the position of each cassette, regardless of where the cassette was placed.

Easy Accessability of Packing Unit

Users will need to replenish the packaging paper when it runs out. Yuyama has made this task as user-friendly as possible. The packing unit is located as seen in the picture, which enables users to easily set the paper again. Also, easy-to-follow directions on how to feed the paper to avoid paper jams are provided conveniently on the device.
In addition, this unit can be replaced in just a few steps.

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