LitreaIII - kompakter Allrounder

LitreaⅢ is the perfect solution for the small to middle scale pharmacies. Yuyama's newest technological innovation, named the Universal Canister, is the solution for the increasing brand-to-generic drug changes. Let LitreaⅢ help improve your patients' medicinal compliance and your ability to multi-task today!

RFID Function

Achieve higher levels of safety management. Every single RFID on the canisters is recognized automatically, which allows the users to set the canister wherever they want. The Litrea Ⅲ can correctly process prescriptions even if a canister is set in a holder with different number. Additionally, users need not worry when taking out multiple canister simultaneously for replenishment. The RFID chip enables safety and secure handling

Universal Canister (Optional)

In the past, most of the pharmacists always had to pay maximum attention when they filled a prescription by hand, paying attention to the amount, type and so on. The time for releasing them from this stress has come with the universal canister. The universal canister can dispense various medications that were previously dispensed by hand. Freedom from manual-filling saves pharmacists' time and guarantees accurate dispensing.
Automatic 4-Color Penliner (Optional)
For additional adherence, Yuyama can provide the helpful solution for your patient in the form of the 4-Color Penliner. Your patients will more-easily understand when to take medication by referencing the colorful line. This function greatly reduces the chances of your patients taking the wrong medications by providing addtional, attention-grabbing guidance.
Customer-Orineted Function/Pouch Sizes
To provide the user versatility while minimizing waste, a variable roller mechanism is used to create five different packaging sizes. Customers can select the height of the pouches from five options: 60, 70, 76, 80 and 90mm. In addition, you can input a tablet size coefficient in the drug database, enabling Proud to calculate the optimal amount of tablets per pouch, and then distribute the optimal amount into each pouch automatically. The pouch-printing format is configurable for your patient needs.
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